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Road to recovery
That feeling of drowning, heaviness, darkness – acute anxiety and depression felt like this. No light, no joy, everything scary,
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How do we learn to forgive?
If someone has hurt you deeply to your core, can you, or indeed, do you find it in your heart
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Why I Journal
Why I journal
From doodling (badly!) about all the things Iā€™m grateful for that particular day/in general/in my life, to writing down my
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Recommended mindfulness books
My recommended reads and listens
I am constantly buying new books and downloads so a comprehensive list of my collection would be incredibly long! I’ve
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thoughts not fact
Thoughts not facts
How do you distinguish between what is truth and what is your perception? Imagine this scenario: a person you know
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Getting your kids to calm their thoughts
This is a great tool I use in my mindfulness sessions with kids as it enables me to explain mindfulness
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The wonderings of a wandering mind
It’s a frustration that crops up a lot when practising mindfulness and one I have often asked myself. ‘I can’t
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Can mindfulness boost your creativity?
So every Monday a bunch of us convene in our meeting room, me with Tibetan bells in hand, ready to
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Safe place, special place
I was down by the sea the other day watching my kids play, enjoying a rare glimpse of the February
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My journey into mindfulness ā€“ the beginning of the beginning
I can pinpoint when it all started ā€“ August 2013 ā€“ my sister was visiting from Yorkshire and for a
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