The 3 step breathing space

This mini meditation is my go-to practice to calm me if I’m stressed or, if I’ve been running around at 100 miles an hour and just need to reconnect with the here and now. It’s my number one item in the first aid kit for my mind!

Sounds meditation

Listening to sounds as an anchor is a fun exercise to do with your little ones to bring their focus to the present moment and to help improve concentration and attentional skills.

Listening to the sound of silence

How fascinating it is to hear how beautifully noisy the world is when we take the time to pause and listen 💛

Mindfulness of breath – a 10 minute sitting meditation

Reconnecting to the breath allows us to step out of automatic pilot and sit in present moment awareness, allowing our experiences to unfold with an open, curious, non-judgemental state of mind.

Mountain meditation

The mountain meditation – helping us centre in our body’s in the midst of life’s chatter – a practice to cultivate remaining present to life’s changing weather patterns.

Mindful movement

I try to practise a mindful movement exercise twice a week. It’s great to get your body moving and just as we use our breath as a focus in our other practices, we are using our bodies to tune in to our moment by moment experience.

Breathing exercise in the sunshine

Sometimes it’s lovely to meditate outside and really connect with sounds, smells and the environment around us.

The body scan

Scanning through the body and combining breathing practice with each region allows us to focus on present moment awareness, getting to know the sensations within our minds and bodies and how interconnected that can be

An introduction to mindfulness

A discussion on my friend Sarah’s facebook page, chatting all things mindfulness, the science, the benefits, my journey and how it can be used in daily life.

Loving kindness meditation

Cultivating an ethos of compassion for oneself and the wider community. By being gentle and compassionate with ourselves we learn to accept who we are and our feelings, as they are, rather than being in constant resistance to difficult feelings.

Simple breathing exercise

Using the breath as a focus to unhook from the autopilot of our thoughts, to calm a chattering mind and to work with being present rather than in the past or future.

Short breathing space exercise

I use this exercise as my ‘first aid kit’ for my mind. If I have moments of stress, anxiety or difficulty in my day I take 5 minutes out (actually less!) to calm my mind, ground myself and bring my thoughts back to present moment awareness.

Mindfulness of thoughts – the leaves on the stream exercise

A wonderful visualisation exercise that helps us to unhook from our busy minds and the sometimes unhelpful stream of thoughts that don’t always serve us well.

Safe place, special place meditation

A guided visualisation to cultivate a place of calm, peace and inner stillness when you need a retreat for the mind. Go to my FB page for more information on this practice.

Progressive muscle relaxation for kids

A calming exercise to do with your children which helps enhance focus and concentration.

Take five breathing exercise

A quick and simple breathing exercise to practise with your children when they are feeling anxious, angry, overwhelmed or bouncing off the walls!

Guided sleep story for little ones

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